Serving Atlantic Canadians for over 35 years

The Vacuflo RugRat

Part# 6971

Featuring a slim design for easy use at the end of a wand or for closer control in your hand. The high speed hand held turbo brush is ideal for cleaning surfaces like stairs, inside your car, and the upholstery in your home. The small agitator is powered by the air of your central vacuum so you can more effectively pick up dirt and debris from any surface where a traditional vacuum can’t reach. The easy access clean out cover makes service of the turbine quick and easy without the need for tools. It will fit all standard portable and central vacuums.


Part# 8695

The TurboCat Powerhead is air-driven and requires zero electric power to run while still giving a thorough clean to your carpet. It was designed to be lightweight and have the ability to easily slide under sofas, beds and dressers. The DeepSweep Brush Roller scoops up dirt deem within your carpet that a portable vacuum would miss!

TurboCat Zoom

Part# 8702

The TurboCat zoom is a Powerful, air-driven powerhead that harnesses the power of your central vacuum system for deep, thorough cleaning. Engineered with exclusive Z-Tech Design features including the Vac-N-Groom Brush Roller, Mulit-port Baseplate, Silent Drive Belt, Run-Silent Bearings, Soft Pro-Tech Bumper, Easy-Glide Rollers and Large Intake Port.

Hose Socks & Attachments

12” premium bare floor brush Part# 8616-GNL The 12″ Premium Bare Floor Brush does not just push dirt and dust around, but it captures them inside the brush. It has natural hair bristles for gentle and thorough cleaning of slate, wood, vinyl, tile, and all hard floor...


The Electric Hose Part# 7978 Features a gas-pump style handle with 360˚ swivel and a 3-position switch to control low-voltage. This hose also features a 120V on/off and swivel air relief valve. For ease of storage the Electric Hose also ships with a convenient wire...

Electric Kits

The Vacuflo EG1400 Standard Electric Kit Includes the EG1400 Electric Powerhead with 30’ Electric Hose (with or without hose sock) as well as our 2-Piece Chrome Wand w/ Cord Management and 2-Piece Button Locking Wand. Also ships with our 10” Bare Floor Brush, Crevice,...

Turbo Kits

The E-Class CleanTeam Deluxe kit Part# 8880 Features the TurboCat Zoom Turbine Powerhead with e-Z Grip Hose (with or without Hose Sock) and convenient Adjustable Wand for those tough to reach spots. This kit also features our Premium 12” Bare Floor Brush, Crevice...

Bare Floor Kits

The Bare Floor Care E-Class Kit Part# 8901 Includes our e-Z Grip Hose (with or without hose sock), convenient Adjustable Wand & Premium 12” Bare Floor Brush and 12” Rug Tool, a Standard 10” Bare Floor Brush. Also included are our Premium Crevice, Dusting and...