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Hose Management

WallyFlex is here to save the day.

The WallyFlex butler system mounts on any wall in your home, providing an innovative auxiliary hose for any central vacuum system. This makes WallyFlex an essential tool for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and even the closet.

  • Easy to use and handy for quick cleanups of dry messes
  • Has a 13-foot expandable hose that cleans all surfaces
  • Easily installed like a standard central vacuum valve
  • Extremely affordable and always there when you need it!

Spot by Vroom

Spot is designed for specific daily messes in the home. Quick clean spots like the dryer lint screen and the cat litter box with Spot! Spot by Vroom stores up to 15 feet of hose in the wall for convenient "on the spot" cleaning and remains completely concealed in the...

Automatic Dustpans

Make your Vacuflo central vacuum system even more convenient with our unique hose management solutions! What's the biggest complaint users have about central vacuums? Managing the hose! Imagine not having to go to the closet and get that tangled and cumbersome hose....


Vroom is ideal for quickly cleaning small spaces and dry messes in high traffic areas of your home, such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Its instant accessibility makes it a great addition to your more-thorough weekly cleaning regimen. Vroom turns on and off...


The Chameleon Retractable Hose System for central vacuums is designed for home and light commercial interior installations. The Chameleon Valve solves the challenge of storing and retrieving the long hose typically used with central vacuums. Hoses are available in...